Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Online vs. Physical Exhibition

I've received some inquiries from artists curious as to why there is no physical exhibition planned for the Iraqimemorial.org project. Here is my response to an email ask such:

Thank you for your email inquiry regarding Iraqimemorial.org. The intent of the project is to create, first and foremost, an internet database of memorial proposals – this goes with the fleeting nature of the project and conceptually reveals the lack of any “real” process for creating a memorial to the civilian casualties in Iraq.

At the same time, I recognize that a project of this nature, depending upon the response from artists, could very well result in an eventual exhibition of project proposals, and perhaps even a book – I hope that this will happen and have been actively working on a variety of fronts to publicize the project as widely as possible to insure that as many artists choose to participate in this project and that the public take the time to visit the project site.

I am also keenly aware of the potential for the internet to gain exposure on a level that quite frankly would likely dwarf any given exhibition venue in regards to the number of potential visitors to a web project such as this - as opposed to the numbers visiting a physical showing. In past month alone, since the draft site for the project went online there have already been over 5,000 page views – this mostly taking place before any publicity regarding the project was released just four days ago. I would anticipate that these numbers will grow significantly over the next few months as the project takes on momentum.

What I am saying here is that your work will be freely accessible in a way that it would likely never be in a physical exhibition setting. You will also have a very impressive group of jurors considering your proposal (these jurors will further be instrumental in curating any future exhibitions or publications related to the project).

I realize that through this project I am asking much from artists, but would ask artists to consider the potential of this project to first and foremost and most importantly raise awareness regarding the issue of civilian casualties in Iraq – a difficult and pressing subject.

Thanks for the contact – I hope you will consider participating.


josh g. said...

If artists choose to implement their proposal and present the work online, will Iraqi Memorial link to the work itself? Would this be in line with the goal of the project?

{USX}Murder_Inc said...

Online vs. Something real how about that concept ? Or do you not see the selfishness of your "Iraqimemorial". By that i mean how you go into Americas Army game and just annoy and become a object of ridicoul. Im positive without a doubt you could use your intellect more constructively. I understand your motivation and feelings about the current conflict and the unnecassary loss life. I also share the same heartache. But the players of Americas Army, which I am could be better used as a implementation of your goals rather then a target of annoyance. I leave this comment hoping that you can achieve your plight, but not at the ridicule of Americas Army players, that do have many servicemen and women of our cherished armed forces that play. I know Im not the sharpest tool on the shed, but it seemed to obvious to me that you can better use your talents and intellect for somebody in your position. If you still feel you need to continue, I invite you to rather than be disruptive to players come to my clans server and you can write all the names down there without the aggitation. Most times at night it is empty and you still get your point across. As you go you can snap away with the screenshots to publicise. My clan server map is Mountain Pass. Our clan server is {USX} ( UNITED STATES BRAND X ). Im {USX}Murder_Inc. You can find it thru this link at http://aaotracker.com/ just do a search for our clan. I wish you good luck and hope you achieve your goal.