Friday, October 9, 2009 Exhibition - 2010

The project will be a featured exhibition at the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery at the University of Nevada, Reno, from February 15-March 12, 2010. The exhibition will feature over 60 of the proposals submitted to the project - specifically those proposals that were selected by the jurors in either the first or second juror's review process.

The exhibition will as well feature computer kiosks for visitors to experience the project online.

A panel presentation featuring juror's and artists involved in the project is currently in the works. To date, Dr. David Simpson and Dr. Bernadette Buckley are slated to take part in this event. The panel is tentatively scheduled for March 4, 2010.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Second Juror's Reveiw, Exhibition and Book...

Much news regarding the project, including the Second Juror's Review, planned exhibition and book project. The next deadline for entries to be reviewed is March 19th, 2009.

1) Second Juror's Review:
A new slate of 5 jurors is now listed on the site these are: Muhammed Abdulla, Cassandra Coblentz, Julian Junt, Ann Wolfe and Raul Zamudio.

2) Participation in the Second Juror's Review
All artists, architects, designers, musicians, and other creative individuals are invited to submit new proposals. If your proposal was selected for the First Juror's Review your proposal is not eligible for continuing review. Those not selected in the first review should feel free to consider revising/updating their proposals or post new proposals to the project site - you are not limited to one entry - you may also of course simply leave your proposals as they are.

3) Exhibition:
We are pleased to announce a scheduled exhibition of project to be featured at the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery of the University of Nevada, Reno February-March 2010. Proposals selected by the two juror's review processes will be highlighted in the physical exhibition. Computer stations will as well be prominently featured in the gallery to facilitate public access to all proposals. We are planning a panel discussion and other events surrounding this first physical exhibition of the project.

4) Book:
Pending funding, there are plans to produce a catalog/book documenting the project to be released in concert with the opening of the exhibition at the Sheppard Gallery in 2010. Juror's selections from the first and second juror's reviews will be featured as well as critical essays by invited scholars.

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